Living Loved by God

Read Zephaniah 3:14-20

Here the Lord is giving a prophecy about the restoration of the remnant of Israel. They are told to shout for joy and in triumph. Rejoice and exalt with all their heart. Why should they express themselves in such a way? One reason is because the Lord told them to. The second reason is because of all He will do. What did the Lord do? He took away their judgments against them. He cleared away their enemies. He will gather them together. He exalts over them with joy. He turned their shame into praise. He will be queit in His love. He will restore their fortunes and so much more. They are told not to fear or to be afraid. Why? Because the Lord is in their mist. How was the Lord described? He is described as a Victorious Warrior.
Questions for Thought
Do you serve the same God that delivered Israel? If so, what does knowing that the Lord God is a Victorious Warrior speak to you?
Father, we bless and honor Your holy name. Thank You for saving us. We praise You that we have no reason to fear or be afraid.

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